Design a machine to direct pulse emissions to the corresponding receivers.

Select and place tools from the tool menu (right). Click on the pulse emitter (bottom) to fire the pulse. Press reset (top menu) to re-prime the emitters and receivers.

Single-click mouse / touch control, for desktop and mobile.

Choose and place your tools wisely.

Filter colours and re-combine pulses to match the receivers' requirements.

Receivers may need more than one pulse, or more than one colour. Check your requirements!
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Made withAudacity, Aseprite, Bfxr, Phaser
Tags2D, Casual, LOWREZJAM, Pixel Art, Sci-fi, Short
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen

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cool puzzle game remind me of deflector on my amig/atari windows exe ?


It reminds me of some funny mobile puzzle games, but the aesthetic and polish here are way better.

I added your game to my Top 10 games from LowRezJam 2019 collection 😊

Top 10 games from LowRezJam2019 collection

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Nice, but with unlimited pulses too easy.

Just make infinity white and filer before outputs...

P.S.: Need more easily clearing fields method.


Very nice, I like it!