You awake in a dungeon. Can you decipher the strange markings? Where is the key? What awaits you on your escape?

Controls: WASD

Press F for fullscreen.

FindTheKeyAndEscape was created for #GBJam 5. All graphics, sound, code and music created by me.

Tools: aseprite, Tiled, PhpStorm, phaser, bfxr, Audacity, pixelforme

Palette: #032507, #1d7556, #6cadca, #d7dcf7.


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Hi, nice game. I have a question - did you use phaser to make this game, or directly webgl ?

Thanks! I did use Phaser. There's a list of the tools I used, with links, in the game's description, if you're interested.

I really like your game. Very good game.